La Florita

La Florita´s Winery and Vineyards are named after our loving Grand Mother Flora Prescenda de Romano "La Florita". She was an unforgettable jolly woman who offered us her love and the softest caresses. Flora´s warm home was the place where the family meet and where the children turned into adults under her care. She owned a store named “El Fenix”, an exciting place where we had lot of adventures and we lived the best stories of our lives. The memories we had together to our granny, inspired us to build our family house just beside our winery, that way we can honor her tradition and continue her legacy.

Our Winery

In 2019 we started building our winery, just in the heart of our vineyards, a beautiful place guarded by our ancient 4 walnuts of more than 100 years..

The winery has more than 500 square meters, it will produce 150.000 litres of artisanal wines in 2021. It will be equipped with concrete pools, stainless steel tanks, mud vases and concrete amphoras.

La Floritas winery was inspired by the architecture of the first school of enology in Latin America, it was founded in Mendoza in 1897m, today called ¨La Enoteca¨, one of the most prestigious historic landscapes of Mendoza.

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    Juan Franco Badaloni


    Juan Franco is a well know entrepreneur from Mendoza, with vast experience in the transportation system. He was looking for a long time for the right place to enjoy family and nature. After many trips around Mendoza, he visited “El Peral” and it was love at first sight. He immediately bought the vineyards and he upgraded them for producing premium wines. His latest dream is close to be accomplished, to complete La Florita winery and give a home to our wines.

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    Mauricio Badaloni


    Mauricio is the third generation leading of one of the most important transportation companies from Argentina. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities, he found those characteristics in the wine business. La Florita is the project that inspires many of the dream and projects of Mauricio.

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    Adrián Toledo

    Oenologist & Partner

    I have been a winemaker for 15 years but I worked on this for 25 before I start studying. My family is linked to vitiviniculture since my Grandfather, I am the 3rd generation that followed these steps. The more i learn and study, i realize that we still have a lot to know about the world of wine that inspires me with humility and at the same time I am passionate to keep testing, investigating and discovering. I look for elegance and balance in the wines I nmake, frank and expression with a unique personality..

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    Clodomiro Graffigna

    Agronomical Engineer

    Clodomiro has been working in the vineyards is his way of life. Our 35 years old agronomical engineer is happily married and father of 3. He worked his whole life in exclusive wineries like Fabre Montmayou, Sottano and La Florita

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    Marcelo Licanic

    Exports & Partner

    Economist graduated in Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. He is a well-known expert in international markets with a vast experience in wines. He is the founder of cosmopolitas argentinean wines and he worked for several wineries from Argentina and oversees.

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    Ramón Soloa

    Vineyards Chief

    Ramon is the key person of our team, because he is in charge of our vineyards. He is a passionate hard-working man, who worked in every single job the grapes require. Now Ramón is in charge of La Florita vineyard, where he created a masterpiece.